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We are OBSESSED with the products we carry from The Laundress!!! Made with Nontoxic, Biodegradable and Allergen-Free Materials, these products help you take care of your wardrobe and eliminate the need for dry cleaning hassle!

Each one of these products will truly help your wardrobe...and save you money by making the need for dry cleaning a distant memory!  In a world of overpacked schedules and suitcases, there isn't always time to iron.  That's why the Crease Release Spray is so phenomenal!  Use it to loosen moderate wrinkles and freshen fabric in a hurry! The Wool & Cashmere and Delicate Sprays keep your sweaters,blankets,delicates and silks clean and fresh between washes. They smell delightful and can be used on all things labeled "dry clean" with ease and effectiveness! This bright white Jumpsuit was stained with Tea. Probably one of the most difficult and tough stains to remove even through dry cleaning. With a sink, some lukewarm water, and the Laundress Stain Solution, the tea stain slowly begins to disappear! Magic, we swear! A gentle scrub with a laundry brush or old tooth brush and allowing the Jumpsuit to soak for about 20 minutes started this stain on it's way out of town!!! The.Stain.Is.Gone!!! The Stain Solution can remove tough stains, old and new, from tea to coffee to wine to underarm perspiration stains with ease. With a little elbow grease instead of a dry cleaning bill your clothes are as good as new! The Delicate Wash from the Laundress can clean and remove perspiration, body oils and stains from your unmentionables, silk blouses and hosiery. With hints of Amber, Bergamot and Lavender it's signature scent called Lady smells fabulous and feminine! Use the Wool and Cashmere Wash on all of your sweaters, woolens and linens at home, suits or hats. It helps to freshen clothing that has been stored away seasonally or between washes so dry cleaning is needed no more! The scents of Cedar, Orange and Rose keep your colder weather favorites smelling warm and cozy just in time for the seasons to change!   All of these great products are available at MOSA at amazingly affordable prices! We can vouch for them and recommend them to anyone who wants to save money and the hassle of dry cleaning!


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